MANUEL CANOVAS is a French house, internationally reknowned for the quality of its textiles and for its use of vibrant color. Unmistakably European, the inimitable Canovas palette is the foundation of all the collections, resulting in luxurious fabrics and wall papers, instantly recognisable for their bold and unusual color harmonies. Superior materials and innovative design are hallmarks of Canovas creations.

The company was founded by Manuel Canovas in Paris, in 1963. Monsieur Canovas was formally trained at L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris and L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Rome, where he studied architecture, painting, drawing and archeology. He subsequently started his own company, producing decorative fabrics and wall coverings.

Manuel Canovas has produced an array of stunning floral designs and luxurious fabrics for which he has received international acclaim. Complimenting this line is an exquisite gathering of accesories which includes fragrance, swimwear, bags and shoes. All these collections can be found world-wide in the most prestigious boutiques and department stores.

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CANOVAS SCENTS represents the complete line of Canovas fragrance as it is made available to you by HTI Collection Inc.

LES FANTAISIES PARFUMÉES is a sumptuous new quintet of perfumes that trace footprints from personal journeys of Manuel Canovas. The collection depicts a fantastical world of colors, olfactory contrasts and moods that envelop the wearer in an opulent aromatic universe. Blended with a palette of natural ingredients sought from around the world, Les Parfumées Fantaisies offers a luxurious collection of fine fragrances with a nod to the rich Manuel Canovas fabric heritage.

THE MANUEL CANOVAS HOME FRAGRANCE COLLECTION offers nine exquisite scents artfully fashioned into hand-crafted candles and sprays. These nine intoxicating scents create a subtle, elegant atmosphere in the home, where the palette of ingredients exists much like a carefully chosen selection of textiles, reminiscent of Canovas' luxurious weaves and distinctive designs. Manuel Canovas candles and room sprays reflect a tribute to old-world European luxury and refined aristocratic sensibilities. Our entire line of products can be found in prestigious gift and specialty stores throughout the world.